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With the advancement in technology, there is no need to worry about your important files and data getting lost or impossible to retrieve. For instance, provides a reliable storage space for your files while allowing you to manage data without any hassles. Not only that, but you can also share and transfer files at lightning speed whether these are films, music, games or TV shows. Moreover, you have the ability to share these files to people throughout the world with just a simple click of the mouse.

To further improve your file sharing experience, offers a premium account for users who want to make the most out of this file hosting website. Hence, you can expect to have the fastest download speed with 99.99 percent up-time, which is perfect for businesses or individuals who rely on the internet for research or entertainment. If you choose to subscribe to the premium account offered by, you can expect more benefits worth your precious dollar.

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Filejoker Premium Plans

So, what is the price structure for the premium account at Below are details about the subscription plan for this account type.

  1. If you opt for the 30-day subscription plan, you can get unlimited storage for your files, plus 180 GB of bandwidth. This plan costs $14.95, which is a great deal if you are on a budget, yet you want to maximize file storage features for your important data.
  2. Filejoker also offers the 90-day plan that costs $34.95. This comes with 540 GB bandwidth and Unlimited storage – perfect for personal or business use. However, you may also choose to upgrade your plan to get unlimited storage and 1.8 TB bandwidth. This goes for a price of $49.95 (also good for 90 days).
  3. For $59.95, you may go for the 180-day subscription plan. If you prefer this option, you can get unlimited storage and 1.1 TB bandwidth for your files.
  4. Lastly, Filejoker has the 365-day subscription plan at $89.95. You may either go for the unlimited storage and 2.2 TB bandwidth. The price is the same for each feature, but with differences in the maximum amount of storage provided.

Keep in mind that plans including an unlimited storage feature are subject to auto deletion of files, 60 days after last downloading. Premium Benefits

So, what’s great about the Filejoker premium account? There are so many things you will like about this account including the fast and reliable download speed (with an impressive 99.99 percent uptime), unlimited storage of files, file manager, and file folder link. You can count on these features when you need a dependable file hosting and sharing service for your personal or business needs.

Since Filejoker aims to deliver only the finest level of service to its customers, it uses the most advanced hardware and software to make sure that your data remain protected at all times. The company follows legal standards that ensure the security of files of every user. These all contribute to an excellent user experience that gives you a bang for your buck.

Lastly, the premium account subscription features the auto-renewal option, which means you are automatically charged in your account 24 hours before your subscription expires. This eliminates the hassles of dealing with discontinued services once the account has reached its expiration date. If you dislike this feature, you can always choose to unsubscribe and disable this function when you edit your account’s profile section.


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